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Minus Millionaires

By: Jeffrey Robinson


Publisher: Unwin Hyman 1987

Condition: Good: dust-jacket good,owner's stamp on title page

First Edition

ISBN: 0043800262

Meet William Stern, the property magnate who became the world's largest personal bankrupt; the once super-successful Jim Slater who coined the phrase 'minus millionaire'; Spain's richest man who had his fortune taken away from him; France's most disagreeable businessman who once bragged 'I will never make a serious financial mistake', and did; the most eccentric Schlumpf brothers whose GBP60M collection of antique automobiles, including 123 vintage Buggatis, became the object of a government plot; and Eli Pinkas, the ever aloof Swiss businessman who defrauded 18 banks out of $300-$800M - all of it vanished since his apparent suicide.

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