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The Laundrymen

By: Jeffrey Robinson

Hardback cloth boards,Dust-Jacket

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 1994

Condition: Near Fine: dust-jacket near-fine

First Edition,Current Affairs

ISBN: 0671713841

The lifeblood of drug dealers, fraudsters...and tax evaders, an estimated $100 - $300 billion worth of illicit funds are currently circling the globe. Because the lion's share of it derives from drug trafficking, and because there is so much at stake, criminals have turned to white collar professionals to handle their financial interests. Once read, you will never see bankers, lawyers, accountants or politicians in quite the same light, but it is a pity the author never managed to speak to any insiders: this is a cut-and-paste collection of sensationalist newspaper articles written by people less well-informed than himself. Essential introduction none the less to the murky world of dodgy money.

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