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Twenty Years After

By: Alexandre Dumas

Hardback cloth boards,Slipcase

Publisher: The Folio Society 2001

Condition: Near Fine: read once

Folio,First Edition


The sequel to The Three Musketeers. The action begins under Queen Anne of Austria regency and Cardinal Mazarin ruling. D'Artagnan, who seemed to have a promising career ahead of him at the end of The Three Musketeers, has for twenty years remained a lieutenant in the Musketeers, and seems unlikely to progress, despite his ambition and the debt the queen owes him. By chance, however, he is summoned by Mazarin, who requires an escort, as the French people detest Mazarin, and are on the brink of rebellion (La Fronde). D'Artagnan is sent to the Bastille to retrieve a prisoner, who turns out to be his old friend and former adversary, the Comte de Rochefort.

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